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Arthur Secunda Paintings & Prints spanning 7 decades

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Welcome to the new website of Arthur Secunda and his Fine Art Imagery spanning 7 decades! There are still parts of the website that are a work in progress.
Thank you for your understanding.

A Clear Space

A Clear Space a silkscreen-colograph print by Arthur Secunda

A Clear Space
silkscreen-colograph print
49"H x 32"W, 150
(image cropped for page - click for full image)

Catalog Raisonne

Arthur Secunda Catalog Raisonne

Arthur Secunda's career spans almost 7 decades and he has now printed his Catalog Raisonne. This beautiful coffee table bound color volume is over 400 pages and weighs over seven pounds. There but a few left. please contact us at Art Agents International [480.451.4847] for purchase acquisition information - there will be no more printings.


Volcano a silkscreen by Arthur Secunda

Volcano, 1978 Serigraph (silkscreen)
71"H x 39"W, 95
(image cropped for page - click for full image)